Thursday, August 8, 2013

Road ID

This summer Ali and I were glued to the Tour de France. We looked forward to watching the race each day and made bets with each other about who would be in the sprint finishes. We *hope* to be able to catch a few legs of the race next year if we are able to return to England next summer. Fingers crossed we are able to pull that off!! Haha!

During the Tour, we kept seeing advertisements for a product called Road ID. 

I did a little looking into this company, and found this little blurb under a link in the Road ID app (available for iPhones). I'll explain more about the app later, but for now check out the reason behind this company:

Sounds good right?!? One thing I worry about most while Ali is out doing his Iron Man training is that he will get hurt or sick and I won't know. What if he crashes his bike, or falls while running, or cramps up while swimming? Especially if he is unable to talk or call me? What about if, heaven forbid, he is unresponsive and he isn't carrying his cell (or it is damaged to the point it can't be used)? These thoughts send chills right through me. How will I be notified? 

Well, I went online and ordered him a bracelet just like this one...

I was able to personalize it with his information in a matter of minutes. It was super easy!!! I was cheaper than I thought it would be too...right at $20. I found a coupon online that covered the shipping :) The bracelet arrived in just a few days, and fits him perfectly. I ordered him the black one, like the one above, but there were several other colors to choose from. 

Now when Ali is out training I don't worry that I won't be alerted if something should happen to him. 

As if this wasn't enough, we looked into the Road ID app. I downloaded it onto my iPhone, and decided to test it out.

After tapping the icon I was prompted to start an eCrumb (electronic crumb)...think about leaving a trail of crumbs. I selected the length of time I wanted to exercise, my type of activity, and the person I wanted notified about this activity. For this example I chose Ali. The good thing is that the people who you send notifications to DO NOT need to download the app. This is great because this app is only for i-devices, and Ali cannot get this app for his phone yet. 

Once I started the eCrumb, Ali got a text message alerting him that I was running and provided him with a link to follow my route in real time!! How was able to "see" my run. How awesome is that? This made me feel safer about running solo as he knew exactly where I was. A great feature of this app is that it alerts your followers if you stop for more than 5 minutes. If I fall and sprain an ankle, Ali will be notified that my activity has stopped and he will know where to come get me. Likewise, he can now take my phone on his long bike rides and I'll be able to monitor his progress. Talk about peace of mind!!

Yet another great aspect of this app is that it allows you to set a lock screen. What if you are hurt and cannot unlock your phone for the people helping you? Now you don't need to! This information will be on you lock screen for emergency personel to see easily. In the "emergency details" section you can put anything. Heart condition, allergy, diabetic, special condition? You can let people know even if you cannot respond. 

Needless to say, we are very pleased with the Road ID bracelet and the app. I am thinking of purchasing a bracelet for myself and our two boys as well. There are a few different styles that are sure to please us all. If you have an active individual in you life, this product may be for you :)

Why not check out the Road ID site and see if they may have something for you? Just click here...

QUESTION: Do you have any Road ID products? Have you tried the app?

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