Monday, April 15, 2013


Today has been surreal. I have all of these great things to post about this wonderful city...and instead I sit here and cry. Ali and I were heading back to the finish line area today when we heard two very loud explosions. It was so out of place to hear an explosion over the crowds...and we kept walking. We attempted to get on the Subway, but were quickly evacuated from the station. We then smelled a thick, sulfurous smelling smoke. We stood in the street in disbelief as the world around us turned into chaos and confusion. We witnessed runners and spectators crying, staring into space, and trying to get the hell away from the finish area. The sirens started almost immediately, and have just recently started to quiet down hours later. My mind began reeling with the "what-ifs". I spent no less than 5 hours with my butt parked right across the street from where those explosions occurred. At one point I think I even suggested to Tristan that we should move to that side of the street and sit in the sun! What if we had moved over there? What if our husbands had run slower? What if I had brought my boys with us to this race? I keep reminding myself that I cannot dwell on these thoughts. I will forever be grateful that our husbands and friends were able to finish their races and enjoy their Boston run. All of us will leave here heavy hearted and shocked at how close we were to such a tragedy. My emotions are a wreck as I want to hold my two boys and assure them that Mommy and Daddy are safe and sound. As we walked back to our hotel this afternoon we witnessed a policeman escorting a woman who had obviously been running the race into the back of a police car. I overheard the officer tell another that he was escorting her to the hospital, where her husband was in serious condition. The look on her face as she sat in that car sobbing for her husband broke my heart. Family members and friends came out today to show their love and support for the runners...and now some of them will not make it home. I cannot wrap my head around this. Cannot make sense of it. Do not understand. I am angry!!! I am scared. I want this to just be a bad dream. Tomorrow we fly home and try to get back to our normal lives, and I will pray for those who can't. Please do the same.

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