Saturday, April 6, 2013

Zombie Run

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to dress as a zombie and chase random strangers around? I got to do exactly that on Saturday!! I got up early that morning and joined my friend Larisa for our drive to Gulfport, Mississippi for the Zombie Run. Once we arrived, we were directed to the waiver tent to sign our lives away. After signing in, we were directed to the zombie pavilion. We were hurriedly transformed into the undead. The makeup artist used liquid latex and red Karo syrup to add details to my face and arms. Here is my "after" photo:

The makeup took some scrubbing to get off, and I was thankful someone in the group brought baby wipes!

Here is a group shot of the great group of ladies who were part of my zombie group. It was great meeting up with Mindy, Gina, and Holly! Gina and I ended up teaming up to try to grab some flags from our victims as they came off the obstacle we were working at. Notice the orange ribbons hanging from their shirts? The ribbons say "caution, biohazard". I thought that was pretty funny :).

We were stationed at an obstacle near the end of the race. By the time they got to us many runners were already "dead". I still managed to pull 4 flags!! It was a lot more difficult to get those flags than I thought. Some of the runners were very intent on surviving the apocalypse, and it got a little physical at times. I did more sprinting than I thought I'd do, and I was glad that I had taped up my knees with my KT Pro tape. I love that stuff. No knee pain today :)

I ran into a couple coworkers today too. Jamey and Jennifer were there running the course. It was fun seeing them there, even if I wasn't able to snatch their flags! Here is a picture of me and Jennifer after the race.

We intended to run the 5K course after our zombie shift was over, but we were exhausted by the time our shift was up. We headed on to the after party to get our shirts and medals. The shirts were awesome, and the medals were cool too. Zombies and those runners who lost their flags got the "infected" medal.

These are the medals that the survivors received. Their medal had a red ribbon and said "survivor" on it. Our medal had a black ribbon.

Here is another group shot of some zombies from our group. The guy in the front dressed in the cloud pajamas was awesome!! He kept us laughing the whole time with the way he taunted the runners. At our obstacle, runners were given Nerf bows and arrows. If they shot a zombie, they got a flag back. Pajama Guy (as we referred to him) was shot more times than anyone! It was a good thing he was already dead. Hahaha.

Here is a closer look at my medal. It is now hanging on the awesome medal hanger that Ali bought me for my birthday.

The Zombie Run was definitely a new experience for me. I enjoyed chasing after people and meeting new friends. I hope to be able to participate again next year, as I have some great ideas for a fantastically creepy costume! I also hope to be able to run the course next year after working a zombie shift.


  1. It was sooo much fun!!!! I'm glad we did it!

  2. Sounds like you had a ton of fun. Welcome to the blogging world! I'm new at this myself too. Found out about your blog through Mindy (Road Runner Girl) Best wishes.

    1. Welcome to our blog Frank! Thanks for checking it out. Glad to hear we aren't the only newbies out there :)

  3. Thanks Mindy!! I am glad we did it too :)