Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Young Life 5K

On Sunday, April 21st Tyler and I participated in the Young Life 5K. This race benefited the Young Life organization. This is a non denominational Christian organization that helps teach children about God and how to make good choices that can have a positive impact on their future. What a great cause!!

This race was held at the 5 Rivers Delta on the Causeway, and we could see downtown Mobile in the distance. Five Rivers is a Delta Resource Center. There are outdoor classrooms and many exhibits that feature plants and animals from the Alabama Delta ecosystem. This was a great place for a 5K! Part of the course was on pavement, part on gravel, and part on woody trails.

The race started at 4:15, after the one mile fun run. It was pretty warm at race start time. The course that we had to run took us around one loop twice. I'm not really a fan of running past the finish line halfway through a race...but it was nice to see the spectators there cheering us on. Ali and Darby chose not to run this race, so Tyler and I signed up with our friend Simon who is visiting us from England this week. Tyler was ready to "beat Mommy". He sure takes after his daddy with his leg speed. At the start he blasted ahead of me. Here is a great picture of Tyler starting his race.

And here is Tyler coming around mile 1 1/2! Notice Simon and I are nowhere in sight! I was worried about Tyler running in the heat, so I was glad Ali was there to make sure he was ok and offer him some water.

And here he comes around mile two, already on his second loop of the course. He was flying!

Here come Simon and I to begin our second loop. It was sooooo hot!! I was glad that I had a bottle of water to carry with me. I think I drank most of the bottle along the course. I really wanted to pour it over my head! Simon was having a hard time with the distance as he wasn't used to our Alabama heat and humidity. After the first loop we split up so I could keep my pace. I was so happy to see the finish line at the end. I was a little disappointed though, when I realized that the course was a little short. My Garmin registered my run as 2.8 miles :( I didn't complain too much though, as I was ready to be done and head to the cookout.

Tyler had an awesome race! He finished in 23 minutes and would have set a PR if the course had been a full 5K. He was very excited to have finished ahead of me and Simon. He was waiting at the finish line to cheer us in.

And here I am trying to cool off after the race. I wore my Run Boston shirt and Sweaty Band that I got at the Boston Marathon Expo. After the race there was a family style cookout. There were hotdogs, hamburgers. And a crawfish boil!!! Those crawfish sure were yummy. Tyler insists that was his favorite part of the race. He says the hardest part of the race was cracking those shells! He is so silly :)

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