Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Color Run - Mobile

This morning the boys and I got up early so we could go to Mobile for The Color Run!! I was super excited for Darby and Tyler, as I knew this was something that they would enjoy. The Color Run is a perfect Saturday morning activity for families. The idea of a no time clock, no rush, and tons of colored powder was very appealing. What better way to sneak in some exercise? 

We grabbed some white shirts and headed out the door...
The boys were quite surprised by how many people there were at the start. We looked around for familiar faces, but only saw a couple people we knew. It was so hard to see faces in that sea of white shirts. Oh well! We made our own fun :) We decided to take some "before" pictures:

Darby refused to take part in the screaming picture. Haha!

We were already having fun...and the race hadn't even started yet! 
While we were waiting, there was a Zumba class going on near the stage. The music and dancing really added to the party atmosphere. This is about the time the "when are we gonna start" questions started. Oh brother...

But, before long it was time to head to the start. They started the run in waves, and we were in the second group of runners to go out.

The boys couldn't believe how relaxed the pace was in this run. They were able to slow down and enjoy running together. They didn't feel the need to "beat" anyone. This was the first race we truly ran the whole way together...laughing, talking, and connecting. It really made my day :)

Before we knew it, we were at the first color station...BLUE!! Darby came out coughing and spitting. I'm guessing he went in laughing with his mouth open. He isn't a fan of the taste of the powder. Haha!!
RED was the next color we ran through. Tyler was really loving the color!! He said he wanted to stay colored forever. He was also hoping that the color wouldn't wash out of his shirt. He liked the tie-dye effect that was starting with his mixed colors. 

Two color stations down, two more to go! Looking for the next color gave the boys something to look forward to, and the distance between them didn't seem very long at all. 

YELLOW was next! You can see Tyler just disappearing into the dust. By this point, Darby had learned to keep his mouth closed and to not breath until he got out. If you run through with your mouth open...your teeth will be colored! Haha! Look at the ground. I wonder how long it will take for it all to wear away if it doesn't rain. 

Poor Ty got hit right in the face with a stream of yellow! Check out that hair. 

PINK was the last station for us. Funny, they didn't complain about running through a "girl color". Notice the raised arms for better color coverage. Tyler is doing his "spin in circles" technique for better coverage all around. They were cracking me up!!

Look at Tyler's hair! It's reddish orange!! I'm guessing multiple shampoos for him today!! 

Look at those faces :) They were really enjoying themselves.

The finish line snuck up on us, and they were disappointed that there were no more color stations...

Until they saw the party at the finish line!! Check out the color explosion. 

After the run we decided to take some "after" pictures. 

Running causes we decided to stop at Ihop for breakfast as a treat. There were quite a few color runners there, so we fit right in! 

I didn't realize how colorful I was until we got home and I took off my top. Check it out!!! It's actually kind of pretty. For those interested, all of the color did wash out of all of our clothes. Getting it off of our skin was more challenging. Haha!

On the way home, both Darby and Tyler were asking when they could do this race again. Lets hope it comes back to Mobile again next year! We will definately be doing this one again :)

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