Thursday, November 14, 2013

Three 5K's in 24 Hours??

This is the time of year where there are an abundance of road races and charity runs. A couple weeks ago, the stars aligned just right and there was an opportunity for me to complete 3 different 5K races in 24 hours. Of course I decided to give it a go!! After all, I was half marathon training right? 

Friday night, Ali and I dropped the kids off at my parents house and we headed to the University of South Alabama to run in the Trick or Trot 5K. This was our version of a "date night". Haha!! The course wound around the campus from the Mitchell Center to the Swamp Loop and back. As this race was so close to Halloween, many people dressed in costumes! It was so much fun to see how creative runners can be to modify costumes that they can run in. 

This was a great run for me, as Ali ran the whole way with me!! Normally he is finishing the race as I'm half way around. He talked to me the whole way, and had me laughing at how silly he can be. He kept me motivated and gave me targets to reach along the course. It was so nice to have him run with me :)

After the race there were tons of vendors serving food. Panera Bread was serving soup, there was pizza from Little Caesars, subs from Fire House Subs, and ice cream from Old Dutch in addition to tables loaded down with fresh fruits. There were activities for children, and they even had a trick-or-treat set up! 

As this was a new race, we weren't really sure what to expect...Which is why we didn't take the kids. If they decide to have this race again next year, we will definately take the boys. It was a great family event. 

Saturday morning I got up early to drive to Daphne for the Turkey Trot 5K. Ali was positive that I wouldn't get up and make it to the race. Sooooo, of course I had to prove him wrong!! I got to the race, registered, and then sat in my truck where it was warm and toasty until race time. The course of this race was through a residential area, and was actually very nice!! 

This race made me realize how much of a social runner I am. It was strange not knowing a single person running the race!! There was an after race party at this race as well, but I didn't stick around too long. I enjoyed some Starbucks coffee, and then decided to head home for breakfast. 

The third 5k of my 24 hour challenge was the Ghost Chase 5K. This was another night time race that I was REALLY looking forward too. Ali, the boys, and I were going to all run this race dressed in costumes. The boys were super excited about this run. Just about an hour before we were supposed to leave the house, Darby decided to ride his bike down the street with some buddies. This is the outcome of that bike ride...

Yep!! That's a broken arm. He had some pretty bad road rash, and lots of bumps and bruises..but he was ok. Instead of a 5K, we ended up spending our evening in Urgent Care. Such is life with children!! 

So, I managed two out of three 5K's in 24 hours. I guess that isnt too shabby. Maybe I'll set another personal challenge soon :) 

Have you ever run multiple races in one day?

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